About Us


Mr. Events Staffing was established in 2019 – when the founder saw an absence of solid, well disposed of, and refined providing food staff in the GTA. Gone were the times of dreary meal administration, and surly waitstaff – a requirement for a better touch gave Mr. Events our drive to draw in a steadfast and gifted program of Administration Staff who share our hard-working attitude and qualities.

Since our modest beginnings, Mr. Events Staffing has kept up enduring connections inside this industry due to our predictable notoriety for going well beyond what would have been acceptable anyway – at the same time keeping the simplicity of execution and affableness all the while.

In an industry dependent on individuals serving individuals – we perceive the way that our staff is frequently the first and last purpose of direct contact with our customers – it is this crucial association that rouses us to treat our staff like family – and urges our staff to make progress toward perfection every step of the way. We realize that tender loving care is the thing that separates us from the rest – and we confer this conscientious mentality into each handpicked staff part. We cherish our staff, and our staff loves what they do.

At Mr. Events Staffing, we trust that each visitor is our customer, which builds the profundity of administration and nature of the experience they have at an occasion with our staff nearby. We need to guarantee that every one of them has a paramount night, and that requires noteworthy administration.